7 Things Summer Lovers Are Guilty of Doing



Busted! When the temperature begins to climb, summer lovers snub the air conditioning, head outside and soak every bit of goodness this time of year has to offer – doing things that only a true summer lover is guilty of doing.

From spending time with friends to playing hooky on the beach, there are many ways you can express your personality. And if your adventures aren’t enough to show your love, grab your favorite Pepsi Emoji bottle and #SayItWithPepsi! With so many emoji options available at Walgreens, it’s easy and fun.

1.  Laughing WAY Too Much

Nothing’s too inappropriate, too crazy or too over-the-top. When it comes to relaxing in the sunshine, the laughs just roll off their tongues. Belly laughs, chuckles, giggles, you name it. Laughing attack in the middle of a work meeting? No worries, take a break with a cool Pepsi and head outside to laugh it off.

Life just happens to be a lot funnier in the summer. There is a silly-face galore on your Pepsi Emoji bottles – pick yours and laugh along.

2.  Having an obscene amount of adventures

Oh sorry, did that sign say “Pool Closed?” We thought it was more like a suggestion. When the sun is shining and the water looks crisp and cool, summer lovers will hop a fence or two to get the most out of any situation.

They are pros in harmless shenanigans and will eventually apologize for cannon-balling the neighbor’s pool – how can you say no to that sun-kissed smile (and a cool Pepsi to share)? J

3.  Jamming out to every (questionable) hot summer song, and quite a few #TBT’s

We all know summer is notorious for providing us with incredible bubble gum hits that we’ll dance the night away to. They’re not the most groundbreaking songs, they most likely won’t change the world, but they are oh-so-good guilty pleasures. Headphones emoji amirite?!

Oh, and mark your calendars: Show your love for these little guys on July 17th, World Emoji Day, at our exclusive Twitter Party!

4.  Making too many new friends


Guilty of being overfriendly and overconfident in the summer? Sorry, not sorry! If you happen to be enjoying a cool beverage with your favorite Pepsi Emoji on it, don’t be shy. #SayItWithPepsi and enjoy the company of other like-minded individuals such as yourself.

Pro Tip: When making this many new friends, either bring enough to share or be a pretty strict BYOPepsi rule enforcer.

Pro Tip #2: Get two 20 oz. Pepsi bottles for $3 June–August. Plus get 500 balance reward points in June, and 250 July and August!

5.  Forgetting how to Adult

The high temps can make you light-headed, tanner, and even forgetful that you need to adult every once in a while. *uuugh*

We say grab your besties and make up new games in your neighborhood playground. Tag, hide and seek, red rover, lava monster – what throwback game is your favorite? Get new ideas on June 29th at our #SayItWithPepsi Twitter Party.

On your marks, get set, let’s summer!

6.  Playing Hooky On The Beach with BAE

Summer is the best time for a little romance. Sunsets, 4th of July fireworks, long walks on the beach… it’s all just so perfect for *heart eyes* moments! Summer lovers & lovers all around are guilty of wanting to play hooky to just disconnect from the world and watch the waves roll by.

Whether you’re at a lake, a beach, a pool, or even a bathtub – any old body of water will suffice when your end goal is to spend time with your BAE (before anyone else).

#SayItWithPepsi when telling them how much they make your knees weak. <3

7.  Fitting In Fun All the Darn Time

The true essence of summer is finding fun in every aspect of your day. Driving with the windows down, turning up the music while you shower, ice cream for dinner, movies in the moonlight, and more!

We know that we can #SayItWithPepsi and show how much we love this hot, sweaty, messy and delightful time of year with every sip. So cheers to summer, cheers to friends and cheers to refreshing your fun without feeling guilty.

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