4 Ways to Be The Perfect Wedding Guest


When it comes to attending a wedding, there are a few things to note before throwing on your fanciest party dress and calling it a day. Before the big day, the couple – mostly the bride – will have invested countless hours planning, imagining and making their vision come true. So it’s only fair that as a wedding guest, you abide by a set of unwritten wedding rules.

So by the power invested in us, we now pronounce you “the best wedding guest ever!”

Engage in the Engagement

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The engagement is obviously the first step towards a long-lasting marriage. This special event often goes unnoticed, save for the social media obligatory congratulatory comments. We recommend a simple and fun way to express your excitement to the bride and groom.

Even if the future Mr. and Mrs. aren’t throwing an engagement party, a card is a really sweet gesture that will for sure be more special than a double-tap on that bling picture.

With so much to plan for, being in a wedding or simply attending can be a big job, but Hallmark at Walgreens is making it easier by serving as your go-to place to find the perfect card for whatever wedding events are on your calendar.

Shower Her with Love

Some argue the bridal shower is the least necessary wedding event guests are asked to attend. Watching the bride open gift after gift with countless “ooh-and-ahhhs” can drive some girls insane.

Reach out to the bride and connect with her bridal party – if you have ideas for fun games and can help set up and tear down, speak up! Maybe an outside perspective will bring more joy to a day that can get a little stagnant.

A fun card to break up all the serious wedding best wishes will definitely lighten up the mood as well! At the bridal shower, you will probably learn of the official wedding hashtag, which you should use anytime you post about the wedding! If you feel like sharing your fun card choice for the bride and groom, use #HallmarkAtWalgreens and #HappilyEverHallmark to find and share inspiration with other wedding-goers.

Make the Bachelorette a Night to Remember (or Forget)

The bachelorette party is a unique event in that it’s not necessarily about the couple’s soon-to-be nuptials, but more about how much fun the girls can have together. Let loose and make sure the bride has the most fun possible – sans boys!

Gifts aren’t necessary, but it’s your chance to get the bride feeling even more excited about her big day (like that’s even possible). Lingerie, body lotions, pampering massage sessions, or “sassier” gifts are bound to be hits at any bachelorette party!

Props are must-haves! Sashes, tiaras, veils, you name it. Touch base with the bride and bridesmaids to see how they feel about funny props and gag gifts – if they’re game, go crazy, it’s hilarious!

One last tip – document everything. If it’s a night the bride will forget, then remind her the next morning! 😉

Embrace The Big Day Like It’s Yours!

It’s here, it’s here – your friend is getting married! If you’ve been a great wedding guest, you will wake up with butterflies in your stomach as well. Enjoy the day, from the getting ready phase until dancing the night away. Definitely don’t wear white or cream colored dresses at the wedding unless specifically stated on the invitation. Don’t hog the bride and groom keeping them away from other guests. Have fun but don’t be that girl or guy, getting carried out of the party half-way through.

The wedding gift is usually given to the couple before the wedding day, unless your gift is of monetary value. Either way, it’s proper etiquette to bring a card with you and express your joy in sharing this special moment with the bride and groom.

A card that stands out in the giant pile is bound to leave a lasting impression on your words, making you the best wedding guest in the whole reception!

For more tips and tricks on how to be the perfect wedding guest and the Hallmark Signature collection, join us for a Twitter party on July 21st at 8-9pm EST! Use #HallmarkAtWalgreens and #HappilyEverHallmark on Twitter to find out more.


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