5 Things You Need to Throw a Perfect Birthday Party


Is there anything better than a birthday party? Whether it’s for yourself, a friend, or a family member, there’s nothing quite like getting together with loved ones to celebrate a birthday. However, it’s very easy to become stressed and overwhelmed by everything a birthday party entails. Who will host the party? How many people will you invite? How much food should you provide? Will the birthday party be a surprise?

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to decrease the stress – and increase the fun – of throwing a birthday party. The following are just a few ideas.

1. Decide On the Type of Birthday Party

The first question you ask yourself before inviting anyone is: What kind of party do you want to throw? Will the party be a large, formal event? Will it be a small, intimate dinner? Or will it be something in between? Once you decide on the type of party, you can then get to the fun party: planning it!


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2. Invite Party Guests

This is definitely one of the most important steps in throwing a perfect birthday party. After all, you can’t have a party without people! Whether you invite people through a mailed invitation, through Facebook, or even through a text message, it’s important to give your guests plenty of time. If your party is a small, casual event, you usually only need to give guests a few weeks. If it’s a formal event – or if guests need costumes! – the more time you give them, the better.


3. Decide on Food and Drink

You can’t have a party without something fun to eat and drink! While every birthday party definitely needs a birthday cake, you may want to consider providing other kinds of refreshments. Be sure to let your guests know if the birthday party will provide food, or if it will be a potluck. No one likes to show up to a party empty-handed when everyone else has brought something to share! And if you plan on providing lunch or dinner, make sure to check whether any of your guests have any specific dietary restrictions.


4. Decorate the Party

This is definitely the best part of party planning! While decorating for a birthday party isn’t necessary, it’s so much fun that why wouldn’t you? If your party is for a child, consider using their favorite character or hobby as inspiration for your decoration. If your party is for an adult, consider using a theme – whether tasteful or humorous – as your guide. If you’re feeling creatively empty, visit Pinterest to see how other people have decorated for birthday parties.


5. Birthday Cards

Did you know that greeting cards have been around for centuries? And it’s no wonder: who doesn’t enjoy receiving a card expressing love, friendship, and admiration? Plus, birthday cards lend an easy, inexpensive, and personal touch. If you’re looking for a birthday card for a loved one, stop by your nearest Walgreens, where they have a wide selection of Hallmark greeting and birthday cards. Giving a birthday card to a loved one is just like giving someone a memory to cherish.




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