8 Easy Bathroom Hacks to Save Your Sanity (and His Too!)


Sharing a bathroom can be tough – there’s just so much stuff to find a home for. The things you use every day tend to live on your countertop which means there is mess all over the place. And if your man is less than tidy with his grooming products, this can lead to arguments and stress.

For your sanity, and his, we’ve come up with some pretty awesome bathroom hacks to make life for you and your man quite a bit better. Some may strike you as funny, or even strange, but please put your faith in us to guide you towards the most agreeable bathroom experience possible – and look after your relationship in the process! It’s not about how you look in the bathroom, but how you look when you walk out the front door and into the big, bold world!

1. Maximize Space

Between his stuff and your stuff, that’s a lot of stuff! Even if you have the biggest bathroom in the world, you still might like a little extra space, no? Well, when every drawer is brimming over with toiletries and your medicine cabinet nearly erupts all over your sink every time it’s opened, you’ll certainly appreciate the extra room offered by one or both of these easy organizational solutions.

A shoe organizer can be hung from the bathroom door to store larger items, like hair dryers or beard clippers, while a simple storage box can be placed in a corner or front and center, and used to organize all of your smaller bathroom necessities. Drawer organizers are also a great idea – if you’re not already using them. You’ll find that having things out of your way, yet still knowing where they are, will be a sweet, sweet relief for you and your beau!

2. Improve Water Pressure

Nothing drives a wedge between couples like insufficient water pressure. A shower is how we start our days (or how we wind them down) but, either way, it’s pretty important that you get to relax and unwind in your shower. If pressure is lacking, then you might need to clean your shower head. By filling a sandwich bag with white vinegar, placing your shower head in the liquid, and fastening it in place over night, you’ll eliminate calcium and lime buildup that is compromising your overall shower experience.

3. Eliminate Odors

It may not be our preferred topic of conversation, but there’s no denying that the bathroom can get a little stinky from time to time…! Some subscribe to the light-a-match method while others prefer a can of pixy-scented chemicals. Another way to minimize odors and maintain the integrity of your porcelain throne is to simply dab a few drops of an essential oil of your choosing (cedarwood, lavender, lemongrass, etc.) onto the inside of the cardboard tube of your toilet paper roll. The cardboard will absorb the oil and slowly, yet continuously, emit a light and pleasant aroma throughout your commode.

4. Defog Mirror

Now, even with optimal pressure, it can be pretty frustrating to get out of a truly serene shower, only to walk before your mirror and feel like Dracula: no reflection! A wonderful, though little known, way to remedy your steam-caked mirror might sound as strange as it will be effective. Lather up some shaving cream (perhaps some Edge Shave Gel), coat your mirror with a generous layer, then, once the mirror is completely coated, wipe the foam off. Next time you emerge from a relaxing shower and prepare to examine your visage in the looking glass, you’ll find it’s as clean and clear as ever.

5. Save on the Shave

Whether he’s going through one razor cartridge a month or one every week, these expenses add up. While we’re not suggesting you encourage your man to go full Castaway, there are ways to drastically cut down on the portion of your annual budget going toward razor blades. While Gillette may have the market cornered, their blade refills aren’t the only option out there.

Studio 35 Men’s makes MACH3® compatible 3-blade cartridges that offer a shave as close, if not closer. These alternative blades will save you roughly $2 per five-pack, which may not seem like much, but you can be sure it’ll add up! And this great opportunity isn’t just for him because these blades will run smoothly from ankle to hip, too!

 6. Play it Loud, Play it Proud

It doesn’t matter who you are, there’s a good chance you like to sing in the shower. Even if you’re not a singer, you still might enjoy a little background music to accompany your daily bathing ritual. But without investing in an expensive wireless sound system for your bathroom, how can you expect to enjoy a lovely melody over the cascading shower? Good question! As long as you’re keeping your sink sparklingly clean (which we know you are), you can set your phone in it and allow it to serve as the natural acoustic amplifier that it is. Just make sure to remove your phone before brushing your teeth!

7. Protect your Skin

This one, again, goes for you and your handsome male counterpart, because you’re both covered in such precious skin, we don’t want anything bad to happen to it. That’s why, beyond just using a generous amount of moisturizer to keep things smooth and silky, we advise using a moisturizer that also contains an SPF. We love this Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration sunscreen. Remember, even on those cold winter days, when your skin is at its driest and the sun seems far away, you’re still susceptible to absorbing more UV than you want, or need. In all things relating to the sun, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Image from The Blonde Abroad

8. Polish with Ease

Finally, before we leave you to go experiment with all of these awesome new bathroom hacks (which we’re sure your man will love to help you implement), we’ve got one more. We all know what can happen to the various bathroom fixtures when left unattended for too long. All kinds of grime and residue are liable to emerge, but one unsuspecting household item possesses the key to vanquishing them: dryer sheets! A single sheet, new or used, dampened with a just a few drops of water will miraculously strip your bathroom’s fixtures of any and all unwanted filth. Easy as that!

So, there you have it. It’s certainly not rocket science, but it can make you and your man’s bathroom experiences – and, subsequently, your lives – a whole lot more comfortable. Get out there, give these a shot, and let us know how any or all of these eight awesome bathroom hacks serve you. Until next time!

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