Four Simple Ways to Show You Care on Grandparents Day


They make the world softer, kinder, and warmer. They’re the bridge to our past, while giving us hope for our future. Every Grandparents Day, we’re given an opportunity to remember and celebrate our grandparents and thank them for loving us unconditionally. Whether they’re celebrating our birth or witnessing our wedding, there’s no denying: so many of our grandparents are intricately involved in our lives.

Wanting to do something grand for Grandparents Day can certainly feel overwhelming, due to the overwhelming gratitude we feel. However, there are a few small things we can do to demonstrate our love and appreciation this Grandparents Day.


Learn Your Family History

Everyone comes from somewhere, and every family has a story. One of the most rewarding experiences for both you and your grandparent is to talk to them about their family history. Perhaps you’ll discover your family played an important role in a historical event, or maybe you’ll learn you’re distantly related to royalty! Sometimes though, making your grandparents feel special can be as simple as finding out what attributes they passed on to you. Either way, being interested in your grandparents’ family history demonstrates respect and shows them you’re interested in their life, something they’ll surely appreciate.


Send Your Grandparent a Card

While the act of giving greeting cards is actually centuries old, the sentiment behind it has always remained the same. Simply expressing your feelings for a beloved grandparent in a Hallmark greeting card from Walgreens is one of the easiest but most impactful things you can do on Grandparents Day. If your grandparents are anything like mine, they likely have a shoebox hidden away somewhere in a closet, full of greeting cards, children’s drawings, and other keepsakes. In this busy age of text messages and social media posts, there are few things that are kept and cherished like greeting cards.


Go on an Outing Together

Regardless of how old your grandparent is, there’s no doubt that they wish they had more time with family. You can fulfill this desire in simple but meaningful ways. Take your grandparent out to dinner. Do they have a favorite food? Or perhaps invite your grandparent to a shared favorite activity such as a cooking class or an art gallery visit. Don’t forget that even something as simple as a walk in the park with a grandparent can create memories that will last a lifetime.


Pick up the Phone

If you’re like me and live in a different state from your grandparent, then taking them on an outing is unfortunately not a possibility. Make their day by giving them a surprise phone call. It takes such little effort, and it will bring such joy to their day. While it’s sad to admit, our grandparents won’t be around forever, so remembering their voice and creating memories with them will be something you’ll cherish forever.


No matter how you choose to celebrate Grandparents Day, we hope it will be one which you – and your grandparent! – will remember for years to come.

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