Kids Will Be Kids: Four Creative Activities Guaranteed to Get Messy


Globs of paint, handfuls of glitter, gooey paper mache and dirt and mud galore—if there’s anything that can be said about playing with kids, it’s that the messiest activities are often the most fun! However, every parent knows that cleaning up after messy kids is often anything but, which is why we’re always on the look-out for a quick way to get rid of messes fast. Luckily, cleaning up is easy with Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes and these four fun, simple activities. Go ahead—get messy!


Get Cooking

Measuring, mixing, and being the first to lick the spoon—if you’re anything like us, messing about in the kitchen was one your fondest memories growing up. Make memories of your own and enjoy a sweet treat in the process by spending a day making cookies with your kids. Let them measure and pour in ingredients, try their hand at mixing the batter, and cutting the cookies into fun shapes (we love this cookie cutter set full of fun and seasonal shapes). Once they’re done, it’s time to decorate! Let your kids’ imaginations run wild by providing them with an array of sprinkles, colorful icing, and small candies. When it’s time to eat, wipe everyone down with Wet Ones® Antibacterial wipes to kill 99.99% of germs and eliminate any sticky fingers.


Enjoy an Outdoor Adventure

Worrying that your little ones are more familiar with Wi-Fi than the woods? Use this weekend as an excuse to turn off the TV, lace up those hiking boots and set off on a woodland adventure with plenty of snacks and a fishing pole or two.

Temperatures already dropping where you live? No worries! Fall weather provides plenty of new activities for kids to engage in. Let them jump in a pile of freshly raked leaves, romp through a pumpkin patch, or have them go apple picking (make it a contest to see who can collect the most). Pack a picnic and Wet Ones® Antibacterial Travel Packs to tackle any messes that may arise and enjoy a day of fresh air and new adventures.


Get Crafty

Glitter, glue, and paint are three words guaranteed to strike fear in the hearts of mothers everywhere. While kiddie craft projects help children learn fine motor skills, expand their creativity and keep them stay occupied for a few hours on a rainy day, there’s no denying that these projects often involve a lot of clean-up (not to mention that anyone who’s ever painted with a toddler knows that getting them to wash their hands after is easier said than done). Luckily, Wet Ones® Sensitive Skin wipes can tackle the toughest stains and soften hands with soothing moisturizers that won’t irritate sensitive skin. A few wipes are all it takes to ensure that artwork stays safely on paper and off your walls.


Make it Rain

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Instead of popping in a movie, try making your very own storm clouds! Part art and part science, this hands-on activity will entertain and educate kids, making them forget all about the stormy weather outside.

To start, fill a bowl (or any other clear container) about two-thirds full of water. Make the clouds by spraying a layer of shaving cream on top (look for regular, old fashioned shaving gel in an aerosol can—the gel type won’t allow color to soak through).  Once your puffy little clouds are atop the water, it’s time for the fun to begin. Mix blue food coloring with water and add it, a few drops at a time, over the shaving cream. In just a few moments, the food coloring will drop through the cloud and voila—rain! Get creative by making pink, blue, or even orange rain and experimenting with different containers, and don’t worry if the littles get covered in food coloring: Wet Ones® Antibacterial wipes can remove grime and soften hands, leaving the kids germ (and stain) free.


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