Spring is here … Time to bring your toes out of hiding!


After a winter of being covered up and neglected, everyone’s toes are in need of a little TLC. 
And while there can be benefits to heading to the nail salon for a pedicure, sometimes your free time happens after a long workday, after the gym, after the kids go to bed, and after 9 p.m. when nail salons just aren’t open, and honestly, regular pedicures can be an expensive necessity habit to maintain. So, if you—and your feet—are in need of a little pampering, this is how to make it happen without breaking the bank, or even leaving your house.

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  1. Remove any existing nail polish. If there’s any lasting memory of your last pedicure, use a nail polish remover-soaked cotton ball to wipe each toenail clean.
  2. Soak. Add some warm water to your tub and add a few drops of essential oils (this is a great one — lavender is very calming) and your bathroom will smell like a spa in no time. Slip your feet in and relax for about 10 minutes while the water works its softening magic.
  3. Exfoliate. A salt or sugar-based scrub will work, but a foot file like the Amopé Pedi Perfect is a worthy investment. Not only will it have your feet salon-smooth in no time, but it is rechargeable and can be used over and over again.
    Amope Pedi Perfect Wet-Dry Foot File (1)
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  4. Push, clip, shape. While your skin is still nice and soft from the soak, use an orange stick to push back your cuticles. Next, clip nails to the desired length, file and shape. This little kit has all you need.
  5. Moisturize. Now that your feet are smooth and callous-free, you’ll want to lock in that softness. Rub a heavy-duty moisturizer all over your feet, taking special care to really work it in to your heels, since those tend to be one of the drier areas. Added bonus? This works as a mini massage, too. J
  6. Prep nails. All this takes is another quick swipe of nail polish remover to remove any residue from the moisturizer.
  7. Polish. One base coat, two of color, and one of top coat (this one’s a favorite)—waiting a minute between each coat—will have your toes looking pedi-perfect.
  8. Maintain. This is the best perk of an at-home pedi! You have all the tools to keep your just-from-the-salon look going strong. Chip your polish? You’ve got the color to touch it up. Rough heels? Buff them smooth again with the Amopé Pedi Perfect. Polish dulling? Give it another swipe of top coat.

So now that you’ve nailed steps 1-8, go out and treat yourself to a new pair of sandals! Your perfectly-pedicured toes deserve it.

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