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Finding the Perfect Balance in New Orleans

New Orleans is famous for a number of things. From the lively nights on Bourbon Street to the historical French influence to the world famous creole
cooking, there is truly something for everyone in this jewel of the South. No matter the time of year, you can be sure that the music will be loud, the streets will be filled and the food will be flavorful. So how do you find relaxation in the middle of this dynamic town?

You find your oasis, you take the path less traveled (read: away from Bourbon Street) and you let your mood guide your day.


Step 1 – Find Your Oasis

When looking for a place to stay in New Orleans, it’s tempting to stay at one of the many grand hotels in and around the French Quarter. One way to get all of the perks of staying downtown without the hassle of the other hotel patrons is to find a room on Airbnb. During my last trip, we were able to stay in the French Quarter with our own gated entrance, outdoor patio and all for less than the cost of a hotel room down the street. We were able to retreat to our little oasis when the streets began to get too wild and enjoy our studio apartment away from the noise.


Step 2 – Take the Path Less Traveled

When looking for a great dinner reservation, we decided to try to zig when the rest of our NOLA tourists would zag. Saturday night was typically the biggest night for partying in the city, so we decided that would be our night to visit Muriel’s Jackson Square. Where else but in the home of wandering, lost souls can you enjoy a great meal, a bottle of wine and the company of their very own ghost! While many haunted tours are offered in the area, this was a chance to have a private encounter with a dinner guest from the great beyond.


Step 3 – Let Your Mood Guide Your Day
Garden district walking tour New Orleans
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With so many things to do in New Orleans, you can really have an entirely different experience each day. If you’re in the mood to enjoy the fresh air and take a break from the French Quarter, I suggest taking a walking tour of the historic Garden District. With talented tour guides that must be accredited by the local historical societies, you get to learn about the history of New Orleans from a whole new perspective while taking in some of the most intricate architecture in the city. The Garden District was (and currently is) where the wealthiest and most famous NOLA residents made their home and in seeing their personalities come through in home after home gives you an idea of how the neighborhood and the city at large has changed throughout the years.



When looking for a place to unwind, relax and take things a little slower, New Orleans may not be where you initially think to venture. When done right, it can be the perfect spot to disappear and find balance away from the stresses of your daily grind.

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